Best Free Snapchat Alternative Apps For Android | 2018 Edition

Snapchat is a social messaging application with a wide humongous fan of around 110+ million and it is specially designed for the android mobile to make use massager to chat with the different social media. It is free to download the application direct to the android mobile so it will be simple and easy to install in few seconds. It is considered as the huge threat to WhatsApp, which built with innovative features of self-destructing snaps, voice calls, videos calling. This application is same as to Instagram, which allows sharing photo and snaps on your snap chatters.

Therefore,  Here there is list of Best Snapchat Alternatives for Android discusses below presented by the TechRibs Team.

Free Snapchat Alternative Apps For Android | 2018 Edition

 1. Wickr

Here Wickr app is built with the privacy as well anonymity features and it is well suitable for the android. This application supports all sort of the encryption such as whats app and facebook.

Then it never sells ads, as well as the, do not save snap chatters data so it will be comfortable to make use over the Smartphone with the no risk on it.


2. Cyber Dust App

It is another snap chat application out with additional security features that allow making use with comfort manner so it will be considered as the best choice. It built with all sort of the security support and it is none in the protecting the user privacy on using it over the social media.

Alternatively, it notifies that if the respective recipient tries to have a screenshot by using her/ his android phone. Therefore, it will be more comfortable for the client to enjoy using to share the message with no risk on it. Therefore, the customer can make use with no risk and it never required additional space to run the application.



3. ClipChat

It is considered as the substitute for the snapshot and it is an application to make use in some countries alone. It is specially designed with the high-end security support, which remains to provide the alerts during recipient try to take shoot of the post.

Then it built with the default videos mode so it supports to make a video call in an east way with no risk on it. This application is commonly supported to the android phone and it never required additional software to install such brand application. Therefore you can make use of such clip chat application.


4. Yovo

This serves one of the alternatives for snapchat message application and it filled with great features to make use with no risk of it. Then it provides the security support for the client who makes use to chat and share the major videos and photos with no risk on it.

Yovo App
Yovo App

This application has a screen of the recipient when he or she tries to screen – capture the major post. Here the YOVO technology is called as D – Fence technology, which provides a better solution, therefore, it, is user-friendly to make use with no risk of it and it is easy to operate at any time.



Hope you found some of the best snapchat alternatives for Android, keep visiting our website for more such contents. If you are into gaming also check out some of the best android games from this post, and if you need zombie games check out this resource.