How To Make Android Run Faster Than Before? (5 Foolproof Ways)

We all spend several hundred dollars on a high-end smartphone which work smartly like its name. But sometimes it is so frustrating finds that the smooth and speedy performance we expected remains elusive. Mid-rangers or budget smartphones lack behind in speedy and faster performance. There are myriad ways to boost up that Android performance, and there are few more things we can do to make our phones faster.

No one wants a slow phone even after spending so many dollars, but many of us have to suffer from the problem of slow phones, it gradually increases as the hardware grows older, storage space runs out, and the number of bugs adds up during online downloading. Fortunately, the good news is that you don’t have to suffer from slow phone problem anymore. Here are some quick tips for increasing your old phone’s performance and speed.

How To Speed Up Your Android Phone? 5 Simple Ways

1. Clean your home screen

If you are using live wallpaper then replace it with a good static image, choose your photo instead of live heavy wallpaper. Clean away unused icons and limit your widgets to what is required. The less messy your home screen is the better it will become in terms of performance. 

Live wallpapers and widgets use resources which update them continuously. When you switch away from any heavy app or browser like Chrome, you’ll see a completely blank home screen, and you have to wait for a couple of seconds while your icons, widgets, and wallpaper reload again. To avoid this situation Keep your home screens tidy. Make use of some of the best android launcher apps to get started. 

2. Disable unused apps

Don’t allow apps that you never use, because they take up space on your device and potentially eat the power of your phone. Go to Settings > Apps and scroll over to the All tab. Take a look at the list and identify apps which are of no use. Uninstall or disable the app which you are not using. Disabled apps will be listed in a new tab, so you can always enable them if needed again.

3. Turn of animation

You can make your Android device feel lighter by reducing some of the animations from your phone. You’ll need to enable Developer options to do this. To do this first Go to Settings > About phone and scroll down to the System section to look for Build number. Tap on it seven times, and you should see a message about being a developer. Go back to the previous menu and you should see Developer options listed under System. Scroll down to find Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. Tap each in turn and set it to .5x or off. Or just pick an option and find out what suitable for you.

4. Clear cache data


Cached data help to load your query more quickly, but it can take a lot of time and space, sometimes there will be cache data that is of no use.  Cleaning cached data saves your phone from a blank screen and hand problem. Check out CCleaner app cleaner which cleans out your app cache and helps perform good maintenance.

5. Start power saving mode

Does your battery remain dead even after overnight charging? Every phone has the feature of power saving mode. The power saving modes can save a lot of power drainage, and it also extends usable time, but then there are some drawbacks related to this. Like it slows the clock speed of your processor, it reduces the rate of the display, this makes the phone feel slower.

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