How to Convert Windows Files To Mac? A Simple & Easy Method

When users switch their devices like iPhones, ipads and laptops from OS X to Windows may be they wonder what file to keep or what do delete, do window support IOS files? Fortunately, there are a number of ways through which you can convert the files from Apple’s productivity suite, as well as you can also export all of the contacts from your address book.

The Microsoft Office for Mac program also lets Mac users open, edit and create Office documents. You can save these documents in a format and can open them in your computers. Mac saves these documents in a different format that may not work correctly in Window PC, but you can convert Mac Office documents to a Windows-friendly format. Unfortunately, all apple files are not converted to window files. For example, we can’t convert DRM-protected iTunes music purchases can’t be converted for Windows program use, you will need to use them with the Windows version of iTunes. Apple doesn’t allow exporting the text files from its Notes app, so you’ll have to use or copy and paste the notes that you want to keep.

But there is a way to convert Mac files to the window without spending any penny or using third party software, is convert Pages documents, Numbers spreadsheets, Keynote presentations and the address book entries from the Contacts app. And the good thing about this is that you won’t need a Mac to convert the iWork documents, you will just need access to a Mac for your contacts.

How to Convert Windows Files To Mac? A Simple & Easy Method

Convert page files:

  1. Sign in to by using your apple ID.
  2. Select pages which you want to convert.
  3. Click on the gear icon.
  4. Select upload document and upload the files.
  5. Select files and then click open.
  6. Right click the page files.
  7. Download a copy.
  8. Select word document.
  9. You pages files have been converted to word file by this procedure.

Convert Numbers files:

  1. Use apple ID and sign into
  2. Select numbers.
  3. Click on the gear icon again.
  4. Select upload spreadsheet option.
  5. Select the number file and then click open.
  6. Right click on the number file.
  7. Select download a copy.
  8. Select excel
  9. You number files has been converted to Microsoft excel file.

Convert keynote file:

  1. Sign into your buy using your apple login credentials.
  2. Select he keynote, then click on the gear icon option.
  3. Select upload presentation option.
  4. Select a keynote file and then click open.
  5. Right click on the keynote file.
  6. Select download a copy option.
  7. Select PowerPoint.
  8. The keynote presentation has been converted successfully to PowerPoint.

Convert address book:

  1. Open the contact from your phone book and select the contacts you want to transfer (Use command +A to select all).
  2. Right click on the contact, and then select export Vcard.
  3. Click save contacts.
  4. Your contact has been exported to a VCF file.

Hope this article will help you to convert your MAC files in window files. We will be back soon with many other interesting articles for tech geeks.