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How To Block Ads on Android Smartphone? (With & Without Root)

Pop-up ads are the most interruptive kind of advertisement, especially when you are doing kind of important work.  The truth behind these ads on the web is that to support publishers like us to provide free content that you can enjoy. However, a myriad amount of ads or poorly designed ads could be very irritating sometimes. If you are fading up of getting these pop-up ads on your favorite Android apps or website while browsing on your device, then you need to tackle this situation.

So, the best way to block such ads is you can add ad blocker for android to stop ads from filling up your screen while using an app or browser? Downloading an Adblock android app will block such annoying ads from your Android device, allowing you to use your favorite apps without being interrupted. But there are many another way apart from installing ad blocker apps through which you can block ad running on your screen. Firstly, let’s have a look on this hack then we will discuss the ad blocker apps.

How To Block Ads on Android Smartphone (With & Without Root)

Block Ad with ADBlock Plus

To block such annoying ads running on your screen, you have to first install ADBlock Plus onto your device; you first need to install this application from play store.

Go to Apps > Settings > More and click on Security. Next, check the option that reads Unknown Sources.

Block ads by turning off Wi-Fi connection:

Another simple solution to block ads from your screen is simply turn off your Wi-Fi connection. Because such ads are distributed by servers, so switching Wi-Fi will disable displayed ads.

Block notification ads

In addition to these ads sometimes we get annoyed by unknown and unwanted notification messages and pop ups on our Smartphone’s, various applications are available on play store which detects these ads and block them.

Below are some best android ad blocker apps that can make your Smartphone’s ad free:

  • Adblock Plus: The first app on the list of ad blocker apps is Adblock Plus as the name suggests it do the same work. This app is available on their official website; you can install this app from there. This app is one of the best and trusted apps available in the market for not only android devices but it support Chrome, Firefox and more.


  • ADGurd: This app is free to download, and it blocks ads from pop up on your screen by creating a firewall. The best feature is this app block ads on the browser as well as on other apps. You will filter and customize your ads if you want to see some ads. The only drawback of this app is that it slow down your data speed a little bit as it works through VPN. Otherwise, it’s a good choice. Check: Best Android Launchers 2017
  • No root AD-Remover Lite: This app is available on Google play store, this app is free for up to two apps, but if you want to remove ads from more apps you need to purchase it pro version names as NoRoot AD-Remover pro for $ 3.99. As the name of the app suggests you do not need to root your phone for ad removal, by installing this app, you will not go to see any of the annoying ads in your app ever again. 

Enjoy uninterrupted app features on your android Smartphones by installing above apps.