Best Zombie Games For Android You Should Be Playing in 2018

Zombie games involve a lot of fun that have managed to cover almost all genres you can think of.  For quite some years now, maximum potential has been reached by the popular zombie theme as many graphic novels and shows have entered into the mainstream, producing tons of many other zombie based entertainment and engaging our minds with admirable brain-eating creatures.

The most prominent zombie games range from the serious to the ridiculous, strategy to action and somewhere in between. Let’s check out the best zombie games for android 2017. 

Best Zombie Games For Android You Should Be Playing

This game series is a sadly underrated shooter with excellently done graphics and the players will be shooting down hosts of monsters, zombies and all sorts of other sci-fi features. It also features an RPG element that allows you level up, upgrade and otherwise make your character to a fighting machine.

This game is all about making the living into the dead, which is quite the opposite of other zombie games out there. Zombie Tsunami is completely fantastic and downright pure fun and likely to make you come back over again and again to better your last score. The art style allows for the humor of the game that introduces linebacker zombies, ninja zombies and a range of other special power-ups that bring you through every level. With around three hundred missions, it is free to play this game.

Plants vs Zombies 2 is undoubtedly the most prominent as well as the successful zombie game accessible on mobile. Plants vs Zombies 2 is just a tower defense game, where players should grow plants that then perform battle with an approaching hoard of zombies. It is a great casual game and to keep the game fresh and interesting the developers have been introducing new content to the game.

Assume that you are running to save your life, in an effort to get to safety however everything is hard to see and foggy and getting worse yet zombies are crowding up almost each square foot of your way. This is the theme of Into the Dead and it is an endless runner in the first-person view, necessitating you to move right and left to get rid of the zombies as you pass through jungles, woods, fields and other areas to stay safety.

The Stupid Zombies series have seen a huge success on mobile platform with Stupid Zombies 3 being the very latest iteration. It is a type of mash between angry birds and worms. Players will have weapons and you should fire them tactically to kill the zombies completely. If you are an enthusiast of casual puzzle then it is a best game to try.

  • Walking Dead: Road to survival

Road to Survival is the last of the three walking dead games. This one is influenced by graphic novels instead of the show itself and offer fans of the series a great insight towards what else is happening on in the universe. Players will be mowing down the zombies as they usually do and interacting with characters from the graphic novels and the show.

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