Best Mac Apps 2018

Best Mac Apps To Supercharge Your MacBook or iMac – 2018 Edition

We depend on apps for everything nowadays. There are many new apps coming every year. But, it is difficult to know which is the best app. Are you a MAC user? When you are searching for best apps to download you will get confused because there are so many useful apps. There are paid as well as free apps available.

Best Mac Apps 2018
Best Mac Apps 2018

To help you, here I am including some useful app of 2018 you can install on your device. Check it out and download the app you want.

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Best Mac Apps 2018 To SuperCharge Your MacBook Or iMac 2018



Any unwanted file can slow down your system. To speed it up you can use CleanMy Mac app from iTunes. It is very easy to use. Just go to the app and click on scan button. The app searches each and every file from your MAC and find whether there is any unwanted file. This is smart clean up system and removes language files, extra copies of pictures, broken download links in iTunes etc. All these cache files will affect system performance and you need to remove them to keep the system performance at optimum. You have to pay $39.95 to use this app on your MAC to enjoy extensive features. Free version is also available for MAC users

Google Chrome

This is the most popular browser app of 2018. Most of you know that Google Chrome is the most commonly using browser among PC and MAC users. this is because of its fastest browsing and good performance. You can link it with your Google account and sync all your information like book marks, recent searches etc. This app is free to download and you can enjoy unlimited browsing without any interruption. Its webstore also suggests you some apps according to your preference and searches. 

VLC media player

VLC is the best app for video-playing. This is a very simple app with extensive features. The app is designed such that it can play any videos such as recordings, downloaded files, DVD etc. Users can set subtitles and video/Audio synchronization is also possible. VLC media player is an app with fast hardware decoding system. The app is free to download and you don’t have to worry about any ads while using this app. Get VLC media player on your MAC to enjoy videos without any interruption.


This is a good app to open all archived documents. You can easily find the files you want without searching each of them separately. Just search for the file you want and open it. Another feature is that you can view archives files in any format such as zip, RAR, 7-zip, Tar, and many more. Once you unarchived a file it shows the time date and other info on that file. If you think that this app will be useful for you then you can download it. The app is completely free without any in-app purchases.

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A password manager is essential for all of our devices. The main aim of this app is to reduce your job by only remembering one password. Usually we use different password for various account. But if you can download this app you only need to remember 1 password and 1password app will do rest of the job. Don’t think that you have to use a single password for all accounts. This app creates a secure password for you to remember and encourages you to use any unique password on each apps. When you want to login to each account all you have to do is to enter the master password you created on 1password app. The app will automatically let you to log in. Thus, you can secure all your accounts using this highly secured app. you need to pay $3/month to use this app.

Paragon NTFS for MAC

Paragon NTFS Mac
Paragon NTFS Mac

When you want to transfer files from Windows to Mac then this app is helpful. This app comes with powerful backup technology for MAC. The app is very simple and easy to use. The main advantage is that you can transfer files fast from windows to MAC. This app is not a free one and you need to pay for it. $19.95 is the fee you need to pay to get this app for your MAC device.

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Bitdefender Antivirus

Last but not least all System needs an antivirus and for Mac this is rated as a best antivirus of 2018. This comes with multilayer ransomware protection and removes all adware threats. The app is very easy to use and its autopilot detects all threats and removes it immediately after detecting. The app is free to use for first 30 days and after that you can pay $39.99 to use it. This app scans the system without affecting MAC performance. The scanning process will carry out in the background. In addition to protecting system files this app protects backups files also. Try this app and protect your system from unwanted threats.