Best Instant Messaging Apps For iPhone

Online chatting is the best way to communicate with family and friends throughout the day. Presently, there are several messaging apps which providing great features to stay touch with loved ones. It has more features like video calls, free voice, vanishing selfies and emoji reaction. In Apple’s App store, nearly one million apps are available user can select whatever they want and they like. If the user doesn’t like currently using apps, they will go for another option.

Because there are a  plethora of free alternatives are available and some are well secure, some will have more features than one another. In the early days, the message is more popular, but now users can chat with video and images, if they have internet. We Tech Ribs team has come up with these iPhone instant messengers.

Varieties of Messaging Apps for iPhone

1. WhatsApp

This application was designed for to replace the SMS apps over multiple OS. Rather than utilizing a password and username, whatsApp can works with the mobile number and working with the help of the web rather than a mobile network and this app not involving international messing charges. WhatsApp is very famous among the present generation because, it is highly customizable and  simple to use as it connects through the mobile number.

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2. Skype

Skype is one of the popular and most well known video calling service which is available for both iOS as well as mobile and desktop OS. This application includes both messaging and video call service. Not only its support for voice and video service, but also fully supports with an array of smileys like other apps. Skype can be logged in with the help of username & password.

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3. Facebook Messenger

This app is the most useful texting apps which user can obtain for the iPhone. If the user has an account in Facebook means they can easily message with their family, friends and colleagues. Featured involved in this Facebook Messenger involves photos, smileys, voice messages and stickers which are all coming with cute kitties and massive smileys

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4. Kik

Kik apps are somewhat similar to the WhatsApp and it has the ability to have group chats, send photos along with images and smileys. User also can send and create various memes within Kik. This app won’t require to share the email address or mobile number rather than the username in order to create account in it.

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5. SnapChat

SnapChat usage becoming popular, it is the way of sharing images privately and instantly. In addition, images are shared will not hang for more than ten minutes. Images are saved and basic editing can be done with it, so that user can change the image as their wish and they can show to their friends with any costume for the example superman suit. Also check out some of the snapchat alternative apps from here.

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5. Twitter

This is the widely used sites, including many VIP utilizing in the country. Everything can be shared with this application and it is the social media site. In which, it’s not only allowing to communicate with dearest one, but also permits to see  public chat  others as well.

A Mobile app on Twitter does everything what the Twitter site does like directing tweets and direct messages being well managed. User can also use Tweetbot, if they don’t like Twitter app, but this Tweetbot is the paid app, it involves gesture based controls, push notifications as well as multiple feeds.

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