Best Android Launchers 2017 To Kick Start Your Phone

Today, the launchers bring excessive range of features that are often used beyond the technology level. In fact, it has to bring changes in the Android industry where it must undergo with traditional launchers that work accordingly. This is however; lots of new Android launchers are introduced day by day where the users install it and check the features forever.

Of course, the launcher is designed and set with modern one including specifications and normalize icon and others. Perhaps, it is the time to see numerous best Android launchers which are used in efficient manner. Some of them are clearly explained with its features and specifications. We brought you some of he best launcher apps.

Best Android Launcher Apps 2017

1. Action Launcher

This Action Launcher brings ton of thousands features that are included with additional features to look well. In addition to this, it has designed with customized one and thus enables the customers to render for exclusive app drawer. You can tweak the screen with search bar with the Quick bar menu. It offers with extreme theming options and provide suggestions for app icon replacement with better sizes.

As a result, this Launcher regularly incorporates the latest design and features from own launcher. It used to feel better with the bottom line and include with packed replacement. It has plus features that should render with entire theme towards the fiddle around the massive icons.

2. Google Now Launcher

Fortunately, if you want a new home screen experience, just go with this Google Now Launcher which is intended to install without any hassle. It is all about giving basic version which is extremely provided with quick response in menu and icons. You can get advanced options in the home screen itself and simple layout which that is updated as future one.

It is looking with high stability and consistent Android experience forever. Things are bit in flux now in terms of the launcher on Nexus versus pixels. This launcher may soon take a new look in the future.

3. Nova Launcher

Nova is massively designed with bunch of animation options, folders views, and home screen behaviours. It is very cool addition which is vital for increasing the user’s attention to use it. However, it allows the app icons to customize well and stands apart from others. It does similar option based on the new one and hence capable of giving smooth access forever. It may shows with custom icons and custom wallpapers that are easy to access it. You can also backup your layouts which are specially designed with Google Drive Integration. This may directly pick layouts and themes from cloud service of your choice and restore backups from the cloud too.

Moreover, it tweaks things a bit and that are going to undergo exact look one for you. It influenced with personal taste and everyone wants same things from this launcher in a simple manner. This is most often comes under robust option and best choice for most people who wants best launcher ever.

Those best launchers are designed with customized choices and integrate the latest design from Google.

Wrapping up the Best Android Launchers,

Hope we have provides some of the best android launchers we had on our mind, if it helped you feel free to share with your friends. Also we had shared some of the best alternative apps like Snapchat, make sure you check it out.