5 Thing iPhone Does Better Than Android

The inconsistency between Android and iPhone used to be an exact definition, but currently it coems down widely to individual configuration. In truth, several considerations that would be on this list two years ago are simply no longer applicable because of how long it has come. But, there are still in few destinations, where the iPhone is the right way to go. And here are the reasons behind why iPhone is better than Android.

5 Things iPhone is better than Android

HD Camera

This is presumably going to be the point that gets the most conflict, so let me clarify a portion of the history behind this one. For some, numerous years, the iPhone’s camera was its greatest offering point. Despite what number of megapixels Android OEMs were tossing at its cameras, none could catch the amazing imaging quality that Apple keeps on expanding with each new iPhone. All things considered, it’s simply the camera I trust more than some other, which is the most essential quality to have in a camera you need to have the capacity to haul out and shoot on a minute’s notice.

Tremendous Speed

Android gadgets have made considerable progress as far as expanding the general speed and ease of getting around in the OS, particularly on gadgets that don’t include overwhelming skins. As a rule, leader Android cell phones are pushing quicker processors and even have more memory; however the rich smooth sentiment iOS still feels like it’s on an alternate level. This is another of those circumstances where in light of the fact that both the product and equipment are in the hands of a similar organization, everything just feels more effective and incorporated.

Exciting Apps

This is yet another range where Android has made considerable progress. It’s at the point where essentially every enormous application or diversion that is in the iTunes App Store is likewise in the Google Play Store. Notwithstanding, the straightforward truth is that a considerable measure of these applications come to iOS first and frequently get upgrades first also. At the end of the day, this isn’t as a lot of a chief as it used to be, however it’s still a distinct favorable position that iPhone clients have over Android clients.

Support of old devices

This is a more up to date advancement, however Apple now underpins overhauls for gadgets that are a couple of years old, which is super cool. That implies that regardless of the possibility that you are utilizing an iPhone 4s, despite everything you’ll get every one of the favorable circumstances that iOS 9 gives. In view of the rate at which Android OEMs and bearers push redesigns out to gadgets, this simply isn’t doable, which conveys me to the last and more critical point.

Software updates

The one undeniable point on this rundown is this: upgrades are visit, accessible on all gadgets, and quick. Google has attempted to discover routes around the Android discontinuity issue, however it’s one that still definitely exists. When you possess an iPhone, you can be sure that bugs will be immediately altered, you’ll get a great deal of the most current elements, and you’ll get them around the same time it’s propelled all over the place. Sooner or later, the way that Android continues showing signs of improvement with each new form on the off chance that you need to hold up upwards of a year to get the upgrade pushed out.